4 Ways Employee Background Checks Can Help Your Business

In February 5, 2016
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One of the most important processes that any business conducts is hiring.  After all, it’s important to choose the right team members in order to get any job done right!  That’s why professional employee background checks are worth investing in.  Here are our top four reasons to choose comprehensive background checks through Precise Payroll:

#1: Safety first: the most common reason businesses pursue background checks is as a safety precaution.  Even businesses that do hire convicted criminals tend to ask for honesty when it comes to the past–and background checks are a great tool for verification.

#2: Talent matters: the most common aspect of background checking that people think of is (as mentioned above) criminal background.  This is certainly logical–after all, no one wants to hire a crook!  That being said, criminal backgrounds are not the only piece of information that people are inclined to lie about.  Education, experience, and skills are also common subjects for fraud–and businesses that conduct background checks are far more likely to catch lies regarding these subjects.

#3: Save time!  Conducting interviews is very time consuming–and is even rather expensive once opportunity costs are factored in!  By pre-screening employees, you ensure that you will only be investing interview time for candidates that truly deserve a shot at the position you are offering.

#4: Drug tests.  Most agencies that conduct background checks also offer drug testing–and this is certainly the case with Precise Payroll!  Combining these functions allows your entire hiring process to be both more efficient and more effective.  

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If you’d like to learn more about the possibility of outsourcing time and resource-consuming operations within your business (such as employment screening and other HR functions) contact Precise Payroll today.  We look forward to working with your business!

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