6 Subjects Every Small Business Owners Should Study

In May 12, 2017
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Entrepreneurs can never afford to stop learning. For many business owners, learning occurs every single day on the job — running a business offers both the opportunity and the responsibility to experience new situations, undertake new projects, and grow as a person.

However, in addition to this on-the-job learning, many business owners also make the choice to return to education in a more formal setting. This decision may be taken for a variety of reasons — perhaps you wish to amplify your future career options, maybe you want to better your business, or maybe it’s just to complete a personal dream of attaining a certain degree.

If you plan on studying — whether in a formal or informal setting — here are a few subjects that will almost certainly come in handy as a business owner.

1. Finance and Accounting. Even if you chose to outsource components of accounting, a bit of technical know-how will come in very handy from time to time.

2. Marketing. Learning time-tested marketing strategies, the basics of market research, and other widely applicable information about customer outreach is bound to have concrete effects on your business.

3. Economics. No company exists in a vacuum: macroeconomic trends, political influences, and international trade can all influence the markets and, therefore, your company. The better you understand these factors, the more effectively you will be able to respond.

4. Management. Leadership, business strategy, and lots more: management classes are designed with business owners like you in mind, so you’re sure to get something useful out of your efforts.

5. Public Speaking. Whether it’s presenting a new idea to investors, recording a TV or radio commercial for your newest storefront, or simply giving your employees a pep talk before a big day, public speaking is one of the most commonly used skills in business.

6. Writing and Composition. Much like speaking skills, strong writing abilities will allow you to express your ideas clearly, persuasively, and efficiently — which is always a good thing.

Looking for more ways to help your business run smoother? Outsourcing payroll and HR functions can allow you to focus on leading the company as well as your own personal growth — all while improving efficiency to boot!

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