8 Topics to Cover in Your Employee Handbook

In September 21, 2016

Writing a thorough employee handbook is an important HR responsibility: it lays forth the expectations that you have of your employees while also making clear the potential means of rectifying a potential disagreement. If you are working on an employee handbook for your company, be sure to include these eight topics.

  1. Company Mission Statement. This is a good way to begin: it sets the tone both for your handbook and for your employee’s time at the company.
  2. Social Media Policy. Social media is one area in which work/life separation is not 100% possible: employees are, in some sense, always going to be representatives of your organization, even when they are off the clock. A great number of high-profile cases involving celebrities who have lost their jobs after imprudent Facebook or Twitter posts underscores the importance of this subject.
  3. Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Workplace Bullying. In most states, you have a legal obligation to make sure that no form of discrimination, harassment, or bullying occurs on your watch.
  4. Workplace Violence. Again, you have a strong obligation to condemn any and all forms of workplace violence–and your employee handbook is a good opportunity to let new hires know that you are serious about a zero-tolerance policy that includes verbal violence.
  5. Problem Resolution Procedures. Lay forth how any disagreements will be mediated before the fact and everyone will thank you.
  6. Employee Discipline. How will employees who break company policy be disciplined?
  7. Leave Policies. Make sure that your employees are clear about company policy regarding vacations, sick days, and no-shows.
  8. Disclaimers. Last but not least, make it clear that your employee handbook is only for informational purposes, and that it is not a contract. This ensures that you and your employees remain continue at-will employment, which is the norm in every US state baring Montana.

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