Training New Employees Effectively and Efficiently

Training new employees effectively and efficiently is an important responsibility that will affect your company’s success both now and in the future. An employee who is well trained will be poised to work happily and productively for years to come. An employee who is not well trained, on the other hand, may work incorrectly or inefficiently for months before he or she is corrected—and that employee may even quit, thus wasting all the time and money spent on training in the first place. For all these reasons and more, business owners must educate themselves about best training practices. Although these will vary greatly from industry to industry, a few rules are virtually universal. They include:

1. Hire wisely. Training a qualified, ethical, and enthusiastic employee is infinitely easier than training an employee who lacks those characteristics.
2. Be clear about expectations. If you’re not clear about the rights, responsibilities, and expectations that come with the job, effective training will be nearly impossible. This is why employee handbooks can be so useful.

3. Allow autonomy. As your new employee shows signs of progress, don’t be afraid to grant that employee the autonomy he/she deserves. Showing trust in your employees is a necessary prerequisite if you want them to take responsibility.

4. Offer guidance. Though autonomy is important, remember that your new employee will likely need quite a bit of guidance—make it clear that you (and your human resources department or HR contractor) are available when needed.

5. Uphold your end of the bargain. We are all human, and everyone makes mistakes. That being said, the early weeks of an employee/employer relationship are crucial for establishing work ethic and mutual trust. A mistake in payroll or basic hiring processes could lead your new employee to leave the job, or to do things half-heartedly for a long time to come.

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