The 3 Most Common HR Mistakes

And How to Avoid Committing Them Yourself

Leading a professional team in a way that is conducive to productivity and legally compliant can be more challenging than it sounds. Here are three frequent pitfalls that you should keep in mind:

#1: Not Documenting Performance of Existing Employees.
Even in a small company where you know every employee personally, conducting formal performance reviews on a consistent basis is very important. Here’s why:

  • Performance reviews offer good employees a clear and impartial set of measurements that they can use to catalyze professional growth.
  • Performance reviews provide you the employer with an objective dataset you can use to make important managerial decisions such as promotions and layoffs.
  • They provide documentation that could prove crucial in the event of an employee lawsuit.
  • They make your managerial strategy more scalable.

#2 Utilizing Faulty Hiring Practices
A standardized hiring process, complete with job applications, interviews, and pre-employment screening offers several important benefits that no organization should go without. These include:

  • Increasing productivity by ensuring that the best workers are hired.
  • Contributing to workplace safety and a strong corporate culture.
  • Decreasing turnover, which can be quite costly and disruptive.
  • Reducing your risk of lawsuits from the job candidates you pass over and providing concrete evidence of good faith on your part should a lawsuit occur.

#3 Not Seeking Professional Advice
Whether you are a small startup looking to cover the HR basics, or a growing small business striving to stay organized and compliant even as you implement changes, the simple fact of the matter is that HR management sometimes requires specialized knowledge. Reduce the administrative burden on yourself and minimize your risk of compliance fees by getting the professional HR help your organization needs. Visit Precise Payroll online today to learn how!


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