3 Reasons why Employee Satisfaction is Important

In May 6, 2016

Quite a bit has been written in recent years about a cultural shift in the attitudes of newer generations towards their work. Millennials, gen-Xers, and even many of the Baby Boomers who are still in the workforce are leaving behind the traditional objective of “work-life balance,” and instead seek what many experts deem “work-life integration.” What this means, in short, is that most people now dislike the concept of putting up with a job in order to enjoy the separate part of their lives that is “free time.” Instead, people actively seek fulfillment and appreciation through their work–even if that means prioritizing such fulfillment over traditional incentives such as higher pay or easier hours. Why “balance” your job with your real life when you could have a job that you consider an important, integrated part of your life?

In practical terms, this means that employee satisfaction is more important than ever for business owners. Businesses that fail to prioritize and promote employee satisfaction risk falling behind the competition. Here are three ways that higher employee satisfaction can boost your bottom line; as well as three ways that you can boost your employee satisfaction.

Reduce Turnover. This is the most obvious reason to strive for employee satisfaction: nobody wants to constantly lose talent and have to invest time and money into training new employees.
Boost Productivity. Research has shown that happy employees are more productive. Investing in employee satisfaction is a great way to get more bang for your buck!
Improve Teamwork. Not only do satisfied employees work better on their own–they also tend to make much better team members. Having a satisfied team will make for a more cohesive business from top to bottom.

How Precise Payroll Can Help You Improve Employee Satisfaction
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