4 Ways Tech is Changing the Modern Workplace

In July 7, 2017
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Technology, along with other factors, has already killed the traditional career trajectory. Employees no longer expect to spend their entire careers with the same company. Instead, employees and employers alike have been forced to adapt to a more fluid model of worker/company relations. And rapid advancement in technology is creating an wide variety of additional changes to the modern workplace. In this article, we will discuss a few of the most important changes that are occurring.

1. Communication and collaboration. New software, better devices, and the rise of the internet in general have all contributed to a more interconnected world. Information can now easily be shared between employees, between departments, and even with remote collaborators.

2. Security challenges and opportunities. It’s no secret that cyber crime is on the rise. And this illicit billion-dollar industry poses threats to businesses in a number of ways ranging from theft of customer information, to ransomware attacks, to old-fashioned financial theft. However, paperless, cloud-based management also offers new security opportunities. For example, access to sensitive information can potentially be controlled far better using technology, as long as best practices are implemented.

3. Productivity. With the help of advanced software, task automation, and the aforementioned ease of communication, productivity is skyrocketing in the 21st century economy.

4. Management and administration. Leading a professional team has never been easier. Big data, for example, has allowed efficiency, accuracy, and return on investment to be calculated and controlled in a way that previous generations could only dream of. Remote collaboration and hiring allow managers to outsource complex tasks to efficient and cost-effective third parties rather than struggling to do everything in-house. The rise of Ecommerce has created virtually infinite opportunity for anyone with the ambition to pursue it.

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