Effective Downsizing

In February 24, 2017

There are many valid reasons for companies to downsize. Maybe you have realized that technology could be performing the work that you are focusing your efforts on. Maybe you have an employee who has not been carrying their own weight. Or maybe you have simply realized that you need to make a few tough changes to the bottom line in order to stay competitive in today’s economy. Whatever the case may be, it is important to see downsizing for what it is: a significant challenge that will test your company’s resources, as well as your own talent as a manager. Here are a few helpful tips that can help you overcome these challenges.

Get organized. Organization is always important for anyone hoping to run a cost-effective operation, but it is especially crucial for companies that are planning on downsizing. Getting company record-keeping right, improving employee structure, and becoming more efficient in terms of advertising, human resources, etc are all good ideas that become especially smart when you company is cutting the payroll.
Motivate your team. Even if you are cutting back on unproductive employees, you should understand that everyone on your team is going to need to work just a little bit harder. Acknowledging this fact — and dealing with your employees effectively — is a necessity if you hope to come out ahead. Because cutting back can save significant resources, however, you may be able to improve your current employee’s experience by raising salaries, spending on new productivity-boosting investments, etc.
Tech is your friend. Technology can sometimes do the work of several employees effortlessly in record time. If you believe that there are time-saving inventions that would boost your company’s productivity, now is likely the time to spend on them. (After all, the competition is likely doing the same.)

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