Will Your New Hire Mesh With Your Team?

In May 5, 2017

Hiring a new member of your professional team is a big decision with wide reaching ramifications, which is why it is important to chose wisely. One factor that hiring managers should always take into account is how each worker will mesh with the existing team that is already in place. After all, we all need the right environment in order to thrive, and you will not be doing yourself or your job candidate any favors by hiring them into a the wrong team. Here are three important factors worth taking into consideration when hiring.

  1. Teamwork vs. Individuality. Does your existing team tend to complete projects in a cooperative manner, or does your job description focus more on individual vision and work done in a more isolated setting? How does your job candidate describe their own working style? Comparing the answers to these two questions can help you get a better idea of what both you and your candidate need.
  2. Self-Direction vs. Following Leadership. Is your candidate a strong, self-directed worker capable of making decisions in a moment’s notice and sticking to them? This can be a big plus — but only if your existing structure allows for it. If you already have a strong leader who the rest of your team relies upon, then a strong-willed candidate could end up looking more insubordinate than self-driven. Take a moment to think about your team’s leadership structure: this will help inform your in terms of what type of candidate is right for you.
  3. Values. Does your candidate share the values of your team and your company? If you run a non-profit, for example, then your candidateĀ“s convictions are likely just as important as his or her qualifications. Choosing someone who is just looking for another job is not likely to bring you the long-term employee that you yourself are looking for.

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