Workplace Safety 101

In August 22, 2017

Workplace safety is an important concern for all companies, from industrial manufacturing plants to call centers, and every industry in between. Here are five quick tips that can help you keep your workers safe while maximizing productivity.

  1. Be Meticulous About Maintenance. Neglecting workplace maintenance can create unnecessary hazard for your employees — and this is one case in which the blame will lie almost entirely on the business. Common examples of dangerous lapses in maintenance include using outdated equipment, ignoring a mold infestation, or failing to repair damaged machinery.
  2. Training Matters. Giving your employees the skills they need to get the job done right (and to respond effectively when things go wrong) is more than just smart business: it’s also an important factor in promoting safety.
  3. Communication is Key. Create an environment where employees can easily communicate with other employees, even those who work at different times or in different departments. Create an environment where breaches in company policy can be anonymously reported and effectively dealt with. Create an environment where sharing information is the norm and the whole team is on the same page. Doing all of this will improve efficiency while decreasing the odds of a dangerous miscommunication or omission.
  4. Double Check Qualifications. An unqualified job candidate can pose a real threat to your employees and your customers — yet studies show that an alarming amount of job candidates lie on their resumes. A background checking service can help you mitigate this problem.
  5. What are Ergonomics? Carpal tunnel syndrome, back strains, and a number of other health conditions have been tied to certain work environments. Ensuring that your work environment is ergonomic — whatever that may entail for your industry — is a good way to promote long term health (and job satisfaction) of your employees.

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